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2017 Spring Internships


Omaha Media Group, LLC (OMG), is searching for exceptional interns to work in our offices in Omaha, Nebraska:

  • Graphic Design intern

OMG is a forward-thinking, and fast-paced digital marketing and development firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. We design and develop intuitive websites, mobile apps, and/or intranets with an SEO and digital marketing approach. We service companies in taking advantage of the power of social platforms and business collaboration, cloud computing, mobile application adoption, and next-generation tools for enterprise businesses. This is a rare opportunity to step into a growing, proven company with large, reputable, industry-leading clientele.

The interns hired for these positions will need strong critical thinking skills in order to integrate into our vibrant, passionate, and borderline-crazy team. Students or recent graduates hoping to gain a wealth of great online + digital marketing + social media experience should apply.

You’ll be doing a little bit of everything and gaining a TON of great experience. Our team works cross-functionally and you’ll often find our Content Writers hanging out with our Programmers or our Graphic Designer doing some social media clean-up while printing out some new Monster SWAG on our 3-D printers.

The most important thing we look for in our team members is a cultural fit. We can teach the software and skills, but we need to know:

  • Do you like to have fun? Do you have a great sense of humor? Are you willing to switch gears frequently? (Where “slow weeks” can turn into “crazy weeks” with little to no notice.)
  • Are you comfortable working with different people?
  • Are you a dedicated worker?
  • Do you love working with a lot of different clients across a wide array of markets?
  • Are you an ardent learner who’s always looking to improve?
  • Can you play nice with both humans and machines? (For example, do you know how to reset a Keurig after a power surge or are you going to melt down into tears when you can’t make yourself a cup of coffee?)
  • Are you comfortable both giving and getting feedback?
  • Do you have the ability to work 20-30 hours/week in our West Omaha office?

As a group, OMG measures success in swiftness, agility, accuracy, clarity, and the number of exclamation points and emoticons we receive in our client emails. The occasional use of an animated gif may be required.

Graphic Design Intern

Our Graphic Design Intern should be experienced with Adobe Creative Suite; and excellent in thinking up cutting-edge designs for websites, email newsletters, printed materials, and web graphics.

  • Are you experienced at collaborating with writers to create exceptional finished projects?
  • Are you comfortable with social media?
  • Are you great with technology?
  • Are you comfortable taking on difficult challenges and finding creative solutions?
  • Do you have experience with website design, print media, email newsletters, infographics, animation, logo design, and/or social media graphics?

Our Graphic Design Intern will be responsible for:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Creating spreadsheets, promotional flyers/materials, & presentations
  • Working and having contact with Creative Directors & Assistant Directors, Corporate Management, etc.
  • Being willing to provide ideas on improving digital content
  • Digital organization is clutch
  • Provide high-level customer service to all customers
  • Development of client-facing documents
  • Creating graphics and promotional materials
  • Being able to turn all artwork and logos into VECTOR ARTWORK files

Please apply for one of our internships if you’re:

  • Great at problem-solving. (Even our front door is tricky!)
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • In love with learning new software, new processes, & new things.
  • Un-flusterable. (Yes, this is a customized word for OMG. We’re TRENDSETTERS!)
  • Willing to really dig for answers when you don’t know them.
  • Detail-oriented, but not a perfectionist. We love “great,” and we recognize that trying for perfection every time will just drive us all crazy.
  • Able to think on your feet.
  • Motivated and driven. If you volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked and/or you’re going to take ownership of the time you spend with us, you will be an exceptional intern.
  • Open-minded when it comes to new ideas and methodologies.
  • Open-mouthed and able to teach if you know a better way for us to be doing something.

Your application will get gold star status if:

  • You are so organized that people have accused you of labelling even your pets with your labelmaker.
  • You are well-read and well-versed in the best parts of the 80s, 90s, and 00s culture. If you can have an incredibly intelligent conversation going from Arrested Development to Friends to Walking Dead to Archer to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and finishing with Rogue One and computer/video games, then you should be set!
  • You know how to work a Nest thermostat. We have a combined IQ of over 2000 on our small team, and we are always either freezing or boiling!
  • You can complete a full thought and a call-to-action in 140 characters or less (As you can tell, we may need some help with this!).
  • You are comfortable with the fact that any/all of this may change on a daily basis. With no notice. Often.

Still not sure if this is for you? Want more info?

Read this blog post by Steph, our Graphic Designer, who started with us last year as a Graphic Design Intern.

How To Apply -

Email careers @ omahamediagroup (dot) com with the subject “I’m your intern!”

Make your email memorable! Tell us how you match up with our job description here and why we’d love to have you around. Don’t forget to attach your resume!

Bonus Points:

For our Graphic Design Intern - Send us some examples of your work and/or a link to your online portfolio. Knowing that we’re looking for something “outside the box” should have you thinking of your craziest projects right about now.

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