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3 Web Design Elements to Make an Impression on Your Potential Customers

Make an impression on potential customers with web design elements.

Have you ever visited a website only to find out that it was a nightmare to navigate through, looked drab, unappealing and even outdated?

Did you stick around to find something of value among the chaos, or did you open up a new tab to search for another website offering the same services?

Most people go with the latter and for good reason.

No one wants a website that is aesthetically displeasing and can’t be navigated through easily.

With that in mind, we’re going to tell you how not to let that happen to your website and to create a great impression on your visitors. Let’s get started.

Don’t Just Copy Content, Create It

Any digital marketer will tell you that your content is the heart of your website. It’s even an important part of your overall web design.

That being said, you should have tailor-made content with the most pressing customer pain points in mind. That way, you are providing them value instead of regurgitating information at them; information that they most likely don’t need.

Promotions work well, but too many of them will drive potential customers away. So keep them limited and tie them up with your content in a way to address your customers’ needs.

Identify Yourself Through Your Website

You have to tell potential customers who you are through your page as they are searching for some form of engagement with you if they realize that you are a reliable and trustworthy company.

A part of gaining that element of reliability and trust is to create a website that has a homepage that tells who you are. Don’t overdo it, though. There are just 3 areas you need to focus on in your front page:

  1. Introduce yourself briefly on your first web page and tell your potential customers what you are as a brand.
  2. Make their experience memorable (a simple yet memorable logo, appealing aesthetics and uniqueness of design)
  3. Easier Navigation to the rest of your web pages.

Apply the Concept of Newspaper Folds to your Website

Have you ever seen how newspapers are displayed on stands? They are folded in a way that only displays the front of page news to you. This is because that front page news shows what’s important.

It’s what most newspaper readers (and buyers) focus on when they decide whether to buy the paper or not.

Web designers use the term “above the fold” for the content that stares the visitors directly in the face when they log on to a particular website. It’s the area of the homepage that is visible without the need to scroll.

Therefore the content above the fold (read: scroll) matters in making an immediate impression on your potential customers when they visit your website.

Since everyone now uses laptops, desktops, cell phones, and tablets, your homepage design should work to show the same content above the fold (scroll).

Make your website’s layout work for you in a way that gives the same content across different platforms “above the fold.”

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