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How Programmatic Delivery can Change the Way Content Marketing is Practiced

What if you were told that there was something better than native advertising when it comes to placing marketing content in the user domain in a non-intrusive manner? Shocked? Programmatic delivery of content can do just that. 

Programmatic delivery depends on the use of software and tools to understand not only the exact intent behind a query but the sites that the target is most likely to hang out and look for information. You can then place the content, your online advertisement or marketing message exactly on that site in a way that seems unobtrusive and relevant to the user. 

Programmatic marketing is the practice of using tools and algorithms to place targeted content in front of well-defined groups in highly specific and relevant contexts. 

Let’s look at an example first. Let us assume that you are looking to upgrade to a “new” used motorbike from your old one. You may have taken test rides on new bikes as well as on used bikes from your local dealers. Now both the local dealers and the big, transnational retailers that you have come in contact with can use geo-targeting, the information they have gathered from their physical touchpoints about your personality, likes, choices, preferences, the intent of your query understanding what you are looking for exactly. 

As soon as you come online, a dealer may use all the details including analysis of your recent online activities to understand the sites you most often visit, the kind of searches you have performed and provide comparative analysis of their product with those of their competitors to tell you why their product is the best for you. The moment you search for a rival product, they can prompt you to look at a YouTube video that details their product, provides a product demo or explains how their product solves your problems. You can also provide review articles. 

Why online content needs to be ‘pushed’?

There was a time when content marketers took pride in the fact that their job was different from those of advertisers. They pulled the audience rather than conspicuously pushing brands at their faces. They empowered rather than sell! However, content marketers have realized that for their content to go viral or drive conversions, it has to be visible. Hoping for traffic to come to your site or hoping that the social feeds would do the trick alone, is being overly optimistic and honestly a bit naive. 

The best technique is to pick up the little “hints” that searchers and prospective buyers leave while making search queries or simply browsing. If you can connect the pieces and understand the pattern, you may be able to correctly ‘guess’ the action that your target would initiate or the needs that he/she wants to satisfy. 

Programmatic native marketing is the best way forward. You can place your messages and content on thousands of publishers and websites and ensure that as soon as the target visits a site, your content becomes visible. 

Programmatic delivery not only ensures that your content becomes visible to the right audience at the exact moment when they are looking for it but also ensures that you optimize their experience in the context of the site that they are currently using to interact with your content. Understanding the context and the nature of the platform makes the content even more relevant and increases chances of conversion further.  

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