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How Small Businesses can Benefit from SEO

Small businesses are anything but small! As per the estimates, small businesses provide about 8 million jobs and are responsible for 50% of all sales that happen in the US. With rapidly changing markets and technologies, you have to stay ahead of the curve by using smart SEO strategies. Here is how small businesses can benefit from using SEO.

1. Be found

The most important feature of search engine optimization is that it makes your online business website visible. Building a great website and not using SEO is like investing in visiting cards and not handing them out! A good SEO tool or professional SEO services can help your website land on the top search lists of Google and other search engines. When it comes to small businesses, especially start-ups, seeing is believing!

2. Great return on investment

Investing in SEO can offer great returns. Stories abound of how e-commerce websites and individual bloggers have used SEO to boost their traffic. An individual PHP developer used clever domain name strategy along with continuous SEO implementations on his website to achieve top rankings within 3 months. A leading e-commerce company used extensive SEO analysis to boost its organic search success by 81%. Used well, SEO can be a clever marketing strategy and yield more conversions than other modes of marketing. Choosing conversion optimization, Google analytics and webmaster tools are some of the ways to make smart use of SEO tools.

3. Capture the growing market

Currently, about 90% of customers depend on online reviews and ratings before buying any product or service. In the coming days, the reliance on online searches and reviews consequently will grow in leaps and bounds. As markets shift to online retailing more than physical stores, SEO tools are absolutely necessary to capture this shift.

4. Trust and credibility

If you continuously update your content and implement SEO strategies, your credibility is positively impacted. Making the site mobile and mobile-friendly will mean more customers can access it on the go. People are more likely to visit your site, and more sales conversions can happen because of the trust factor. Top five or top ten in search results add a lot of value to your business.

5. Stay ahead

With a clever planning for search engine optimization, you can edge out big players and turn up as number one in search results. Not only big players but if your competitors are using SEO and you are not, you would lose out big time!

6. A personal touch

Small businesses can engage in a more personal manner using SEO with their customers. Using SEO strategies to link to social media including Twitter and Facebook is a huge plus point for your business. More likes and followers on the social media mean more brand awareness. SEO and social media are directly linked to each other. The more your social media presence, the higher your ranking on searches, and vice versa.

SEO can be a real game changer for your small businesses.

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