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Meet Jack: An OMG Intern


We sat down with one of our most recent interns here at Omaha Media Group, Jack, to ask him a few questions. Jack graced us with his presence at the beginning of May this year and he's been bringing the A-Game and laughter ever since. 

Without further adieu, meet Jack.

Where the heck are you from?
Nebraska born and raised! I left Omaha a couple years ago and somehow, I’m back…

Where do you go to college and what is your major?
I’m a last-semester senior at the University of Nebraska-Omaha – so motivation is waning, but hopefully, I’ll graduate this winter!

Do you do any activities in college?
I play rec volleyball in a couple of different leagues around town, and I love it. Rec volleyball ‘til I die.

What's your plan after you graduate?
What is a plan when you really think about it… I’ll hope for an OMG offer, but I’d like to stay in digital/creative media no matter what. I’d also love to pick up some music- or soccer-related side gigs if I can, too.

How did you hear about OMG?
I used to work nearby and noticed the giant monster on the front when I drove by one day. I did some Googling and ended up finding the summer intern job posting. The rest is history…

What the heck do you do here?
I do digital marketing for five clients – in short, I’m the resident concrete/appliances/baseball/chiro/computers expert. I also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reports and monitoring for all of OMG’s clients. I’ve learned a LOT this summer about both digital marketing and SEO, thanks to all of OMG and our fearless leader, Brad.

What's your favorite game in the office?
Either a) beating Carrie in games of P-I-G on the mini basketball hoop or b) playing salad bowl on Friday afternoons – thanks to Mary for introducing us to that wonderful thing. It’s charades on steroids…

Which game are you the best at?
I’m interpreting this to mean in life as a whole, so I’ll say EA Sports FIFA soccer on my PS4. I will beat you, I will enjoy it and no mercy will be had.

Which game are you the worst at?
Although I am a strapping super-athlete with years of expertise in almost every single worldly sport, I’m sure I’d be terrible at hockey. I can’t ice skate so that probably wouldn’t help my case. Who needs hockey?

Favorite local hot spots?
I’m not sure whether it technically classifies as a hotspot, but my friends and I enjoy a night out at Bogie’s West bar every now and again. In terms of the hotspot after the hotspot, it has to be Abelardo’s Mexican drive-thru. Open 24 hours – never change, Abelardo’s.

Favorite happy hour spot?
I’m a sushi fiend, and Blue Sushi hits the spot. Their happy hour has more varieties of sushi for cheap than anywhere else, so I can actually pig out on a budget – and somehow still spend at least $30. Oh well…

Other things you like to do?
I watch way too much soccer, first of all. The season is about to start again so I’ll be kissing my weekends goodbye. I also play guitar whenever I can and record covers whenever I’m “feelin’ it,” as they say.

Any random facts that are enjoyable.

  1. Wendy’s is the best fast food restaurant
  2. The pain of a groin kick is comparable to childbirth
  3. There are no giant rocks of pure salt in the ocean, it’s impossible
  4. I like to argue and my office mates know this

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