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Navigating Twitter For Social Media Success


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets you post tweets or small and crisp messages with a character limit of 140 words. You are also able to post audio and visual content and even embed relevant links to other websites in order to expand your marketing reach.

Successful digital marketers are well aware of the power of Twitter and big brands regularly use the social media platform to reach out to people from all across the world. Real-time interaction makes Twitter a tool that lets you directly engage with users, and the ability to have followers ensures that you have a steady stream of subscribers consuming your content.

The key to successfully using Twitter is to create tweets that are posted multiple times a day, serving to always remind consumers of your presence. As a tool for publicity, Twitter successfully dominates in the social media field. But what exactly separates it from other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram?

What Makes Twitter So Relevant?

1) Brand messages and multi-media content: If you want your brand to be known, then you need to talk about it. Twitter lets you achieve that in small snippets that a consumer is able to easily digest. Instead of long paragraphs and corporate brochures, the user finds attractive info-graphics, videos and content designed to illuminate the world about the brand. And it becomes easy to weed out the good brands from the brand. The need for graphic design in Twitter ensures that a brand that advertises themselves seriously and invests in the right designs gets noticed. A brand is therefore innovated through not just written pages, but multi-media content.

2) Engage directly with consumers: The key to successful brand building is to engage directly with the consumers. From comments to likes and retweets, users can actively engage with what you have to say and interact with your brand. Twitter becomes then a powerful tool in communicating with those that might invest in you. You sidestep the middlemen at retail and other outlets and engage with the audience yourself. And as you are the best spokesperson for your brand, this presents a golden opportunity to get your name out there.

3) Share brand data: From sharing your location, address, other social media accounts to even your website, Twitter lets you create a hub for social media success. The more engaging your content, the more you want people to know, the more they are likely to find out. Twitter is also a relevant place to post important announcements and updates without worrying about how many people it will reach. With strategic use of hashtags, reaching a global audience is very much possible.

4) Engage with other brands: There are many successful brands that use Twitter for digital marketing. Not only can you follow them and directly engage with them, you can also learn from how they use the platform.

5) Increase internet traffic: The more successful your Twitter profile is, the more likely are people to visit the links you embed into your account. What this implies is that people will now visit your other links, including your website homepage, provided you were able to pique their interest enough.

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