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Omaha Media Group welcomes Preksha!

Omaha Media Group welcomes Preksha!

We are so excited to introduce to you the newest member of our Omaha web design team, Preksha Kasatwar! She comes to Omaha Media Group with a Bachelors in Information Technology and a Master’s in Computer Science. It’s safe to say she is brilliant and knows her stuff!

Preksha has taken on a developer position within our Omaha web design team! She’ll be building and porting websites into our favorite CMS (content management system), ExpressionEngine for our external clients!

Working with ExpressionEngine has always been an extremely stable, secure and flexible platform for our business and we’re anxious to watch her fluency with it grow! Our development team is stacked with knowledge and unprecedented experience.

Additionally, Preksha will regularly collaborate with the graphic department of our Omaha web design team to ensure the design and development processes work synonymously together. With that, she’ll also be maintaining the support side of our client development and writing custom ExpressionEngine plugins for our clients.

With every development position at any company, there is a learning curve to overcome! Every business as their own style of coding, multiple CMS’s to learn, languages to freshen up and processes to implement. Preksha has not only accepted the challenge, she’s proven to be excelling at it!

Her hard work ethic and eagerness to learn has not only made her development and coding skills become even more impressive with time, it’s made us oh-so-proud to have her with us. She doesn’t simply want to learn the Omaha Media group development process, she wants to master it. Preksha is not afraid to ask questions and is dedicated to understanding the reasoning behind our methods.

Basically, we’re looking forward to finding some Monster-branded black-belts for her and the development team in the near future.

Aside from Preksha’s incredible intelligence and dedication to learning new things, she’s an incredible athlete (a National level volleyball player at that), sports junkie and nearly unbeatable poker player.

Fitting right in here at Omaha Media Group, she’s a coffee addict, could live on bacon for years and is a die-hard Avengers and Harry Potter fan. You’re not only going to want Preksha to port your website, you’re going to want to be friends with her. You’ll probably reconsider a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, however. You can’t say we didn’t warn you!

We are thrilled to have Preksha on our Omaha web design team! Help us in welcoming her to the team!

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