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Welcome Alyssa: New Project Manager

My name is Alyssa, and I am a monster! I have recently acquired the title of Project Manager at this amazing place, Omaha Media Group!

Born and raised in South Dakota, I have always been a writer and curious of the world around me. I went to the University of South Dakota for Journalism and Electronic Media. I started my TV career in Sioux Falls, working over nights, editing video. I graduated into the position of a producer where I was able to start really telling stories.

Eventually, I ended up in Omaha. In the world of TV, the majority of us are transplants from different locations that have all ended up at our most recent station, I remember my first day people asked me if I had noticed how nice people were in Omaha, coming from small town South Dakota I thought people in Omaha were rude and moved fast! Ha! Small town living to the “big city” life was quite the transition for me.

Now, through years in journalism and TV, I’ve been able to develop my skills in writing, video and working through intense deadlines. But, something was missing, I needed to find a forever career that would allow me to do a few certain things: be a mom, settle down in a single location and make a positive impact on people. Bonus: Allow the creative juices to flow.

I honestly applied to Omaha Media Group, expecting a stuffy, strict environment with poshy people. Boy, was I wrong. So, incredibly wrong. My interview was with these 3 amazing guys, all incredibly kind, intuitive and passionate about what they do. I was at home.

It took 3 hours for my now boss to call me back and offer me the position. The rest is history.

Now, I am the Project Manager at a great, faith-based, family orientated company, Omaha Media Group. It's a monstrous family and I am beyond excited to be here.

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