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Lutheran Church of the Master

The congregation of Lutheran Church of the Master (LCM) was organized in 1959 with a Christ-centered mission reaching out to Southwest Omaha. While Omaha has changed greatly over the past 50 years, they've remained committed to confessing the life-giving Word of God. It's congregation has been a part of the American Lutheran Church (ALC), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and now a charter member congregation of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).

LCOTM's need were simple, a new exciting brand to bring excitement back itno their online purpose and they knew exactly who to partner with. The new LCOTM website is built on top of the world's most powerful content management system and is full of feature-rich dynamic elements giving LCOTM personnel 100% access to updating their website content. The website works on all standard browsers, smart phones, and tablet devices.

We threw so many bells and whistles into the new LCOTM website that it would really be hard to list them all, so here is a short list:

    Custom Page Manager
    Design/Planning Manager
    Facebook gallery integration
    Custom sidebar widgets including gallery, news, etc.
    Testimonials manager
    and a TON more!

Head over and check them out today!

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