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Xcel Community Center

What is the Xcel Community Center? 

OMG has continued our work with Xcel on several projects including their main website, the Xcel Portal which is an employee training site and their digital marketing strategy. Xcel has been growing incredibly fast and their growth justified a move to a new physical location.

As they moved into a new space, Xcel decided to build the Xcel Community Center next to their new operations building.

The Xcel Community Center is an approximately 3,300 square foot building designed to be used specifically for meetings, conferences, and community events. The Xcel Community Center features seating for up to 160 people, private meeting spaces, public restrooms, a full kitchen, high-speed internet connection and access to audio/visual equipment.

One of the major highlights of the Xcel Community Center is that it can be booked for free by non-profit organizations.

What did the Monsters do? 

OMG was called upon to help develop the main page for the Xcel Community Center from the ground up. Our design team created a brand new logo for the Xcel Community Center and some of the promotional materials for its grand opening. The Xcel Community Center page may look like a showcase for the center’s amenities and offerings, but there is much more going on in the background.

The big feature that Xcel requested OMG build into the site was integration with Calendly and Google Calendar. Xcel needed a cost-effective booking solution for their Xcel Community Center reservations.

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that can handle basic reservations and it exports them to a Google Calendar. We took Calendly and built it into our own frontend design, allowing users to seamlessly book reservations for the Xcel Community Center without ever leaving the Xcel site.

Users flow from the Xcel Community Center overview page into booking and then on to a contract agreement page. What Calendly doesn’t handle well is recurring reservations and we solved this problem by using Google Calendar to manage those and block off reservation availability on Calendly

The popularity of the Xcel community center has already started to skyrocket and companies are using the Community Center page on a weekly basis to book the facility for their organizations.

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