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Xcel Roofing

We LOVE this website! It is big, beautiful and oh so very fun to work on! 

Xcel Roofing came to us in major need of a website overhaul. Our OMG Monster team took Xcel’s outdated, dark and unorganized site and created something so fresh and so clean. The new Xcel site is so much more than your basic website, it is actually 10 websites, all wrapped up into one fluid site. 

Starting with a flash, the website header is filled with an eye catching video of the Xcel crew. A huge shoutout to Glory Visuals for putting this amazing footage together! 

This custom website design is built on ExpressionEngine, a content management system that allows the OMG monsters, and our clients, to fluidly build each page, as needed while keeping a clean code base. ExpressionEngine has allowed us to create custom services pages, with localized, SEO optimized content for each service, in each location. 

Xcel is growing quickly, and needed a website that is capable of expanding with them, at a moment’s notice. Thanks to EE, the monsters are able to use fluid fields to build landing pages on demand, with custom content, and unique meta descriptions for each. Endless locations at a moment’s notice. 

Each Project Manager for Xcel has their own customizable bio page. Each member of the team can add their own biography, contact information, a contact form, gallery, or articles. Anything really. All of this ultimately ensures the leads are going right to their email inbox! Working in multiple locations? No worries, simply add their single bio page to multiple locations, avoiding duplicate content! 

Not sure which location to choose? Simply type in your zip code and it will find the Xcel location nearest you.  

Launch the site and forget about it, right?! No way! Here at Omaha Media Group we take pride in our long term relationships with our clients and truly becoming an extension of their team. 

We will continue to make website updates as the company continues to expand into new markets, and continues to grow their staff. 

The OMG Monsters are now working on a digital marketing strategy for eight different Xcel locations. Our digital marketing strategy includes utilizing several social networks to grow brand awareness, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Oh did we mention we also write blogs? Lots and lots of blogs, each week, the OMG Monsters are publishing eight different blogs, written with valuable information for the client, with an SEO focus, making sure to have the best possible keywords in each article. If google is happy, we are happy! 

If your company is barely surviving off of an outdated website and in need of an overhaul or you are simply starting your online presence for the first time, contact us today!

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