× October 1, 2023 - We are excited to announce that Omaha Media Group is now Monstrous Media Group. While our name has changed, our dedication to excellence remains the same. Check out our new website to discover our expanded range of multi-award-winning services! Visit us at www.monstrousmediagroup.com.
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Information Security Charter

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In the course of carrying out its business objectives staff at Omaha Media Group LLC (“OMG”) collect many different types of information, including financial, medical, human resources and other personal information. OMG values the ability to communicate and share information appropriately. Such information is an important resource of OMG and any person who uses information collected by OMG has a responsibility to maintain and protect this resource. Federal and state laws and regulations, as well as industry standards, also impose obligations on OMG to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information relating to all staff and clients. In addition, terms of certain contracts and OMG policy require appropriate safeguarding of information.

Omaha Media Group LLC Information Security Charter

Omaha Media Group LLC Information Security Policies

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