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Who is Abide

Abide, also known as Abide Omaha, has been an integral part of the Omaha, Neb. community for over 30 years. Abide is building a culture for stronger families, neighborhoods and leadership within the inner city. 

In 1989, Ron and Tawny Dotzler started Abide with one mission in mind - to revitalize North Omaha. Through-out the years, Abide has been able to provide families, their children and the community with safe spaces and programming from sports to internships for students! 

In 2007 Abide adopted their Lighthouse Program. A Lighthouse is a beacon of hope for ships who are looking to dock for the night, and this program strives to mimic that hope. Every lighthouse in the span of North Omaha’s 700 blocks provides an outlet for the community to showcase the possibilities that are already available within their own neighborhoods.

Since 2007, Abide has continued to enhance their programming and campus to help revitalize the inner city one inspiring story and mentor at a time! 

As a faith-based creative management firm, the Abide mission is one that our Monsters align with and love to support with their social media marketing efforts. 

Continued effort 

Omaha Media Group (OMG) is proud to help Abide with their social media marketing strategy. Abide came to OMG after their successful rebranding project searching to distinguish themselves from other nonprofits in the area. 

OMG currently handles all social media marketing for Abide on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. The overall strategy is to share real-life experiences, stories and highlight the need for each different program that is offered through Abide. 

We are proud to continue to work with Abide and cannot wait to see the success that this partnership will bring to the table. 

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