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Who is Activ8 Fitness?

Activ8 Fitness is a fitness gym in Omaha specifically designed to cater to people who are at different levels of their fitness journey. From those just getting started all the way to people who have been going to the gym for years looking for an intense challenge.

Activ8 focuses on Personal Training, Workout of the Day deals and nutritional help. This dedicated business is passionate about helping their clients set goals, achieve them and excel long after.

The Active8 team is stacked with certified personal trainers and nutritionists who can customize a plan that works best with your lifestyle.

What did the Monsters at OMG do?

Working with Activ8 Fitness was a joy! We kicked off the project by having our design team come up with a user friendly design that not only represents Activ8 but allows their potential clientele to learn more about the passion behind the company.

Then, our Omaha web development team built a simple, yet high functioning and site utilizing ExpressionEngine 5. The new Activ8 site offers a variety of text, images, video, site accordions, forms and buttons, to allow for easy information gathering and signing up for a free trial. .

In addition to the structure of this new optimized website, our team took the Activ8’s custom content to the next level with photographs of their hardworking clients, testimonial videos and even a promotional video. The photographs of their clients mid-workout really brings life to the website and gives a true testimony to the hard work that goes in to reaching their healthy lifestyle goals!

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