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Once upon a time Golf Pros had no “GOOD” way of tracking their DEMO clubs. Suffering major vendor fees, mental anguish, and sever depression these Golf Pros fell to their knees screaming to the Heavens for an answer. We imagine that would be the beginning of the movie script for “ The Movie”, if it were ever made. Fortunately for you that movie will NEVER happen. Fortunately for Golf Pros, does exist.

OMG saves the day, again. We've crafted 100% of the web application frameworks and proudced all of the audio and video elements.

We are happy to introduce one of our many but latest development projects solves a HUGE and COSTLY problem for all golf course pro shops around the world by allow the club to know who has their demo clubs and holds the person using the demo club accountable for checking the club out.

The idea spawned by Medinah's own Mike Scully was chewed upon for nearly a year before it landed in our laps. Having a natural love for golf, although unable to play often, we jumped on idea and started planning the technology out. A few days later a prototype was delivered and a few weeks later just in time for the upcoming Golf Season was launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL this past week. already has some of the United State's largest and most popular professional and private golf courses signed up and is destined to be a MUST HAVE for any pro shop.

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Golf Pros everywhere, happy days are here again! You are welcome.

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