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Direct Carrier Services Group LLC

What is Direct Carrier Services Group LLC?

Direct Carrier Services Group LLC is a logistics and transportation company that helps truck drivers, fleet owners/operators and shipping companies improve the effectiveness of their processes through services such as recruiting, dispatching and freight brokering. Their goal is to work together with drivers and businesses to create profitable and successful partnerships.

With these goals in mind, Direct Carrier Services Group LLC decided that it needed to expand their operations through the help of a new website and investing in a digital marketing strategy.

What did the Monsters do? 

One of the major goals that Direct Carrier Services Group LLC had when they approached OMG was to keep their website simple and straightforward, while still maintaining a unique, modern look. Truck drivers are busy people constantly on the go and they often use mobile devices to view websites. That’s why maintaining a strong, clean mobile design is a high priority

The monsters at OMG created a super clean design that emphasized putting important information at the forefront of every page. Simple imagery adds some spice to the page without distracting from the content. A monochrome color palette featuring white, black, gray and silver was used to similar effect. To keep everything from running together, OMG made great use of typeface, font-weight, and page layout to keep the overall look of each page engaging.

Direct Carrier Services Group LLC wanted the opportunity to make their website stand out from the pack. OMG accomplished this by getting creative on the homepage. A huge, central logo immediately tells visitors that they are on the Direct Carrier Services Group LLC website. In the background, there is a video of an 18 wheeler traveling through the mountains and it adds immediate context to the site and draws the user in. The incorporation of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques through blogs and social media links help make Direct Carrier Services Group stand out in an industry that typically places little emphasis on these aspects of their business.

Continued efforts

Omaha Media Group continues to provide digital marketing services for Direct Carrier Service Group LLC to help them to strengthen the reach of both their social media and web presence. As the website continues to grow, new features will be added such as a career application forms and expanded staff profiles. On the marketing side, we are working with Direct Carrier Services Group to create their own unique Instagram story strategy.

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