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For Elephants

At Omaha Media Group, we take a lot of pride in all of our work but working with Dr. Kari Morfeld was a particularly special project. Kari is a Nebraska native who is working on a unique mission dedicated to the survival of the world’s African elephants. For Elephants fulfills this mission through research, conservation, education and a lot of hard work! 

Kari came to Omaha Media Group because she needed an online presence to continue to grow her mission, but not sure where to start. It’s okay, you’re in good hands! The OMG Monsters took the reigns and our designers built a beautiful, custom website! The new website brings Kari’s mission, work, and the beauty of South Africa into a single website design. 

Once the design was approved, our Monster’s were really off to the races, coding the site in just ten days. Kari worked hard to have her content fresh and ready to go, making the porting and content loading portion a breeze. In just a matter of a few weeks, For Elephants, had a new look, a new vibe and was ready for the world to see! 

Not only does For Elephants have a custom look, the site also has a store section. For Elephants sells t-shirts, with all the proceeds going to fund Kari’s research. Not sure you want to  donate but interested in getting your hands dirty? You can also find out more about going on an expedition with For Elephants! 

Still need more? No worries! Check out For Elephants blog section for more about the organization, the latest Elephant research and you’ll even be able to get to know the personal stories of elephants!

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