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John L. Hoich

Website Design

January 23, 2017 - Mr. Hoich came to us with a vision for an online portfolio for his professional, personal, and philanthropic accomplishments. We created a website that would be easy to update, looked clean and professional, and was mobile-friendly.

Who Is John L. Hoich?

“Keep your priorities straight: God, family, and then business.” ~John Lee Hoich

John Lee Hoich (JLH) is a well-known man around Omaha. With his rags to riches story,  which he shares in his book, From The Ground Up: It’s not just business, it’s easy to see why he’s such a dynamic and persuasive writer, speaker, philanthropist, and businessman.

How Did The Monsters At Omaha Media Group Help?

John Lee Hoich requested that the Monsters at Omaha Media Group help him with a website to showcase his personal, professional, and philanthropic endeavors. By partnering with JLH, the Monster Team at OMG was able to sit in on discussions and public tours of his many project spaces to get a feel for the local legend and find out what information he wanted to present for the public to access readily.

The new website, designed by Omaha Media Group, comes with many features, including ecommerce management for sales of JLH’s new book, an amazing and easily updateable content management system, as well as tie-ins to JLH’s social media pages.

This was a cool project for our Monsters at OMG as we are also “born and raised” in Omaha and are recognized as a local name.


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