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Maple Athletic Complex

What is the Maple Athletic Complex? 

The Maple Athletic Complex is an indoor tennis and soccer complex open to the general public located here in Omaha, Neb. The Maple Athletic Complex features additional amenities such as; pickleball and badminton courts, batting cages and a snackbar.

The Maple Athletic Complex serves as a host for youth and adult tennis lessons, soccer leagues, youth summer camps and more. The complex also partners with various local outreach programs like Tennis Buddies.

What did the Monsters do? 

Around the same time that the Maple Athletic Complex decided to overhaul its facilities, they also decided that their online presence needed an overhaul. The Maple Athletic Complex actually had information that spread across a few different websites and the bulk of it was being hosted on an old Google Sites page that wasn’t in line with current design sensibilities.

OMG was approached to help unify all the information scattered across the web and to bring the site design into the modern era.

“Simple” and “Clean” were the words used to describe the end goal that the Maple Athletic Complex had in mind for their website.

The concept stage went through a few rounds before we finally settled on a slick, modern design featuring a bold typeface, refreshing blues and teals and big imagery to show off all the awesome features of their newly renovated facilities.

The homepage features a huge slider than runs through all of the main services that the Maple Athletic Complex offers. On each slide, there is a short summary, call to action and a high resolution image of that section of the facility.

Instead of the standard slider dots to show what slide you are on, the page features awesome icons that represent their respective sports. On mobile, the slider is navigable by using the slider arrows, slide icons and by swiping!

As you get to the subpages on the website you are presented with clear typography with a subtle background pattern underneath that makes for an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable reading experience. There is a lot of information to digest on some of the Maple Athletic Complex’s pages, and it was important that the design was inviting to the reader with plenty of breathing space.

Outside of the design, OMG has also implemented a few quality of life features to improve the experience for Maple Athletic Complex employees and visitors to the site.

The first was a dynamic contact form that would connect interested visitors to the specific person in charge of the department that they wanted to learn more about. The second convenience feature was a single-page navigation menu to help make navigation easier for users on some of the longer pages.

Continued efforts

Omaha Media Group is continuing to work with the owners of the Maple Athletic Complex on websites for their other business as they all receive updates.Omaha Media Group has worked with Indian Creek Golf Course and The Club at Indian Creek who is all owned by the same corporation!  

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