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Responsive Website & Mobile App

May 1, 2017 - The launch of Omaha Velo's new responsive website and online brand in 2017 was a fun project for the Monsters at Omaha Media Group (OMG) to take on.

Who Is Omaha Velo?

Omaha Velo has its roots in Omaha bicycling. When it was first formed as River City Bike & Ski, it began its transformation into its current form, Omaha Velo. Omaha Velo is first and foremost about the community. With a top-notch race team and casual weekly group rides, the club continues to support community events. Sponsored by Omaha's own Olympia Cycles and Omaha Media Group, they're sure that this year's cycling season is going to be better than ever before!

How Did The Monsters At Omaha Media Group Help?

The Monsters at Omaha Media Group helped Omaha Velo by developing their responsive website and mobile app. 

The new Omaha Velo website is complete with Racer Bios, a blog, and info about Races and Group Rides. 

You can see more about OMG's involvement with Omaha Velo, click here.

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