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Outlook Nebraska

Who is Outlook Nebraska? 

Outlook Nebraska is a nonprofit that focuses on helping those who have lost their vision and individuals who are completely blind excel in their day to day lives. Outlook offers a variety of technology training courses, enrichment opportunities and employment to the visually impaired and blind community

What did the OMG Monsters do? 

Omaha Media Group has launched two websites for Outlook: Outlook Nebraska and Outlook Business Solutions. 

When Outlook came to OMG, they were looking to rebrand and separate their nonprofit from their for profit segments of the company. OMG designed a custom website for each, utilizing different color schemes with similar styles allowing the brands to be strong and independent while also being recognizable together. 

The OMG monsters continue to work with Outlook staff on a weekly basis, creating and implementing a digital marketing and SEO strategy that will reach both those in need of Outlook services and the donors who help make it happen. 

What is the goal of this site? 

The goal of this site is to provide an engaging, visual experience for potential donors or loved ones of visually impaired or blind individuals who are looking for help, while also being completely accessible and simple to navigate for the visually impaired or blind community. 

What is one unique element of this site? 

At Outlook, the majority of their staff members are blind or visually impaired, including their developers and IT staff. This site was tested by screen readers, and high contrast colors on both the front and back end of the site to ensure that an individual who is visually impaired is able to easily work within the site. 

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