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Outlook Nebraska to Outlook Enrichment

Outlook Enrichment

Who is Outlook Enrichment

Outlook Enrichment’s mission is to create opportunities for people living with vision loss to achieve personal and professional growth in an inclusive community. Outlook Enrichment, is a new nonprofit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska. Outlook Enrichment was formed to provide focused leadership of the technology training, recreation and cultural programs started by Outlook Nebraska

What did the Monsters do?

Omaha Media Group (OMG) created a design for Outlook Enrichment that is easy to use for both sighted individuals and those with vision loss. The design includes high contrasting colors, which helps users with low vision to read the site with ease. The OMG Monsters also added a resize font feature, allowing the user to increase or reduce the size of the font as needed, these settings will stay with the user as they navigate from page to page. 

The website went through several rounds of rigorous testing to ensure that those with vision impairments are able to access information about the programs, events and communications by Outlook Enrichment. 

The monsters didn’t stop there, our work with Outlook Enrichment will continue through on-going SEO strategies and weekly social media marketing. 

Continued efforts 

OMG continues to work with Outlook Enrichment on their digital marketing strategies with on-page and off-page optimization of their new website! Our team of Digital Marketing Strategists continues to oversee Outlook Enrichment social media marketing efforts with their dedicated team! 

As Outlook continues to grow as a nonprofit, Omaha Media Group is happy to partner with them! We are excited to see what the future holds for Outlook Enrichment! 

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