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May 1, 2017 - 

Who Is Proxibid?

Proxibid is a live online bidding platform for auctions around the world. Users can bid on items in live auctions without physically being there, utilizing a proxy.

Proxibid developed an application called Live Bidding Web to facilitate this process. As technology has changed over the years, more and more users desired to interact with this application using their mobile devices. Live Bidding Mobile is triggered automatically when a user accesses the Live Bidding application using a mobile device.

How Did The Monsters At Omaha Media Group Help?

Omaha Media Group was given the opportunity to update and modify the mobile view of the application (Live Bidding Mobile). We utilized the existing code base and elements, but re-styled them to fit comfortably on a mobile screen. We added a tabs interface to reduce scrolling and provide a better user experience.

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