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Quality Living, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, opened its doors to begin providing specialized rehabilitation services in 1990. Dedicated to the unbridled pursuit of excellence, QLI's outstanding staff, exceptional facilities, and innovative clinical program have combined to make QLI one of the nation's premiere providers of services to individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or severe physical disabilities. With a mission-driven orientation to service, QLI has combined the best of medicine and education to create a nationally recognized and highly effective approach to the process of rehabilitation.

Quality Living, Inc. is an aggressive and dynamic company dedicated to a focused mission of promoting purpose, privacy, dignity, and independence for individuals with disabilities. QLI recognizes the importance of finding and retaining excellent staff. Each employee strives to create a corporate culture that supports our mission-based philosophy and clinical programming.

Approximately five years ago, several QLI employees began to brainstorm ways for QLI to host a fundraising event that was a little bit different.  They didn’t know exactly what they wanted this event to look like, but they knew, first and foremost, that they wanted it to be FUN!  To them that meant no suits, no evening gowns, no auctions, no formal dinner, no event program speeches, and no fundraising (arm-twisting) during the event.  After several months of creative discussion, a bold new event was born.  An Evening at the Fair would offer a new twist on an old-fashioned county fair – with carnival-style booths and games, a live band, delicious food, and awesome prizes.

On Friday September 17th, 2010, over 600 people came to the Qwest Center to support QLI and experience An Evening at the Fair. Fair-goers participated in a huge array of booths and games such as a cake walk, human bowling, bungee run, mechanical bull, rock-wall climbing, ring toss, and palm readings.  They ate deep fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob, and ‘grown-up’ cotton candy snow cones, just to name a few!

One of the coolest things about the Fair is that it was staffed by more than 60 QLI employees who volunteered their time to make sure that our guests were able to enjoy this special event.

“This event is like no other event in the city – consistent with everything QLI touches, this event is in a class all its own.” – Terri McDonnell (Event Co-Chair)

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