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Rebel Auction Company

Rebel Auction Co., Inc is a full service auction company offering several options for the liquidation of their customer's equipment or assets. Whatever it is; appraisal service, a commissioned auction on their customer's site or at our permanent facility, complete buy-out or a guarantee of sale on your assets. Rebel Auction can provides their clients with an option that will be beneficial to all parties involved.

When it came time for Rebel Auction Co., to think outside of the box on their identity and brand their online auction vendor of choice Proxibid knew right where to go.  Proxibid powers Rebel's online market place so it was very important for both Proxibid and Rebel Auctions to receive not only the brand design that they needed but also the programming necessary to easily implement Proxibid's seamless web branded API.  Being the valued Proxibid development partner we are we jumped on the task of first creating a fully responsive interface for Rebel Auctions and a new identity and brand to bring their business to life online.

The result? As simple clean design in a fully responsive interface built upon the world's most secure and user friendly content management solution, fully integrated with Proxibid.

Go check out Rebel Auctions today and pick yourself up some nice heavy machinery or trucks!

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