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Storage and Carts

The Monsters at Omaha Media Group are excited to announce the launch of Storage and Carts!

Who is Storage and Carts?

Storage and Carts has over two decades of experience in the storage solutions industry and is happy to announce the launch of their Ecommerce website! What makes these storage solutions different from others on the market? 

This is because all products are ‘kit’ style which means they are shipped ready to install at the office or business! The solutions offered by Storage and Carts are usable in a wide variety of markets including retail, healthcare, athletics, libraries, museums, law enforcement and more. At Storage and Carts, their goal is always to help the customer easily and quickly find the perfect storage solution for their needs.

What did the Monsters do?

Storage and Carts came to OMG from a client referral. Storage and Carts was a new company that was in need of a new, built-from-scratch website. OMG built the website for Storage and Carts on ExpressionEngine 5 using the fluid field system, fully responsive design and modern HTML/CSS standards. Storage and Carts is built as an e-commerce website with a full cart and checkout system. 

The Storage and Carts store has several unique and powerful features on both the customer facing side and behind the scenes. One feature is the multi-layered filtering system built into the product listings pages. Customers can choose multiple categories simultaneously to narrow down results and find the exact products that they are looking for. This makes browsing through items much quicker and using a simple search or single category filtering system.

Another feature of the Storage and Carts website is the dynamic shipping calculation process. OMG built this process by utilizing the Store FedEx Shipping Configuration plugin and seamlessly integrating it into the checkout process. On checkout, product information is sent to FedEx in real time and FedEx sends back a shipping quote based on the size and weight of the product. This updates during the checkout process and provides the customer with accurate shipping information and peace of mind when ordering.

The last big feature and arguably the most powerful one is the functionality created to manage inventory and product information entirely by importing a CSV file. The Storage and Carts website is built so that all product information from title, images, categories, price, dimensions, weight, and brand all the way down to the description can be managed through an external spreadsheet. The Storage and Carts team never has to look at the backend of their website to keep their inventory current if they choose not to.

Continued efforts

Now that the website has been launched, Omaha Media Group has started digital marketing efforts. Omaha Media Group is especially excited for on-going organic and paid SEO strategies because Ecommerce is a labor of love! This is because Ecommerce websites, such as Storage and Carts, need constant website audits, content improvements, goal tracking and even more. 

Our team is excited to work with Storage and Carts on this while launching Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts to help increase Storage & Cart’s brand awareness and provide sales opportunities for our client! 

We look forward to continuing to facilitate the growth of Storage and Carts and to be there to tackle whatever the team handles to us! 

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