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Tallgrass Commodities

The Monsters at Omaha Media Group are excited to announce the launch of the Tallgrass Commodities website!

Who is Tallgrass Commodities

Tallgrass Commodities is a company involved in the supply chain for feed ingredients across the globe. Their goal is to simplify the transportation of goods from one destination to another while offering first-class, reliable service to their customers.

Tallgrass Commodities is involved in several different markets including the feed mill, dairy and beef industries. They also offer logistics and export services. Their export services allow them to ship feed ingredients around the world, connecting the farms of the Midwest region of the U.S. to those as far away as Southeast Asia. Tallgrass Logistics is a specialized branch of Tallgrass Commodities that focuses on helping with the management of the complex tasks of securing trucks to haul feed and coordinating load delivery around the country.

Tallgrass Commodities has been growing rapidly over the past few years and found themselves in need of a new website to reflect their growth and expanded services of their company.

What did the Monsters do? 

Tallgrass Commodities came to OMG in order to take their website to the next level. They wanted more features, content and photos! Tallgrass Commodities is a company deeply connected to the farming community and they wanted to make sure that their new website was able to showcase the beauty and diligence of the people who toil every day to make sure we can all put food on our tables.

The existing Tallgrass Commodities website only had two pages, two team members listed and not a lot of content. OMG made sure that the new Tallgrass Commodities website had plenty of space for new content, huge photos and the entire Tallgrass Commodities team. All this was done while keeping modern web standards and responsive design in mind.

We built out pages for each industry and area that Tallgrass Commodities is involved in and added specific photography to each one. We even designed the brand new Tallgrass Logistics logo! We designed three different logo concepts from scratch and the team at Tallgrass Commodities put them through several rounds of voting before landing on the one they have today.

The passion Tallgrass Commodities has for the farming community is only matched by the passion they have for their team, and making sure that everyone had a spot on the website was incredibly important to them. We dedicated a whole page to the Tallgrass team members and made sure that everyone had space for an awesome photo, title, contact information and there is plenty of room to grow!

We had a blast working with the Tallgrass team and are excited to watch them continue to expand over the coming years. 

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