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Thrift World Ecommerce

COVID-19 is changing the way companies across the globe are doing business. With the coronavirus shutting companies down, there was an immediate need for ThriftWorld to get their inventory online and purchasable. 

Thrift World has been a client of Omaha Media Group for several years so when they reached out needing help, we knew exactly what to do! 

We integrated our preferred e-Commerce platform into their existing website within a matter of days. Users can now view inventory and sort it by its physical location. They can purchase the items through the website and set up home delivery or store pickup. Users are also able to create accounts to view their order history. 

Monstrous Results

On the first day that the new e-Commerce store was launched, Thrift World had four purchases on the site! They continued to see increased traffic on their site, with a 60 percent increase in the week following the store launch. Talk about staying fluid in an ever-changing environment! 

In addition to e-Commerce into the new ThriftWorld Marketplace, we are now building out API integration with third-party other marketplaces like eBay, Facebook, Upthred and others, seamlessly bringing ThriftWorld’s products into new customer bases. 

We love ThriftWorld and you will too. Check out their site below. 

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