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Trego-Dugan Jet Management

Trego Dugan Aviation of Grand Island, Inc. (TDA-GI) started its airline ground handling division in 2008 when the Grand Island Airport Authority requested that it bid a handling  contract for Allegiant Air flights from Grand Island, Nebraska to Las Vegas. TDA-GI was new to this area of aviation but was the successful bidder. TDA-GI truly enjoyed this new venture and advised Allegiant Air that it was interested in performing such service at other airports.
And then the ride began…

Since 2008, the Airline Ground Handling Division has been the fastest growing part of the Trego Dugan family of companies.  Allegiant Air, Frontier, and American are the primary airlines handled by TDA-GI in addition to ad-hoc charters for Jet Blue, Republic, Southwest and Sun Country Airlines.  Trego Dugan currently does services “above and below the wing” on the MD-80, Airbus 318, 319, 320, Boeing 737, 757 and Embraer 140, 145.

Senior Management has identified the Airline Ground Handling Division as a top priority for future growth and has designated appropriate resources for continued expansion.
Contact Debra Mendonca, HR Director, by visiting the Contact Us Page for more information regarding employment or simply click on Job Opportunities.

When it came time for Trego-Dugan to redevelop their online brand they sought the best and we delivered. The new Trego-Dugan website built on a fully automated content management system giving the Trego-Dugan staff direct access to control all of their content without having to worry about screwing up their website design. The website has direct behind the scenes social integration, Google developers API access for search marketing and analytical tracking purposes and of course works cross browsing platforms.

We had a blast working with Trego-Dugan Jet Management on the creation of their new online brand and look forward to upcoming future projects. Head over and check out Trego-Dugan's new website now!

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