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What is Wisniewski Chiropractic?

Wisniewski Chiropractic is an extension of the Thrive Wellness Healthcare team in Omaha, Nebraska. They offer services such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy. Their wellness center also includes a gym facility.

This local rehabilitation and wellness center is passionate about helping their patients become healthy, pain, and drug-free.

What did the Monsters at OMG do?

The Wisniewski Chiropractic project was a collaborative effort here at Omaha Media Group. We must say, those are certainly our favorite! We love working as a team and having every department dip their toes in is always a huge delight.

Our design team incorporated a soft, cool-toned color palette to a simple and straightforward design before passing it on to our development team.

The development team put the design team's work in motion. They also added a simple-to-use reviewing system that is handy for creating customer-generated content. 

Once the Wisniewski Chiropractic website was launched, the digital marketing team initiated SEO, content and social media strategies

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