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Responsive Website & Secure CMS

September 21, 2016 - Securities America brought a new challenge to Omaha Media Group with their need for a community website geared towards their female advisors. They were looking for a website redesign, a secure Content Management System, where their advisors could share their practice-building and client engagement tips.

Who Is Women Advisors Connect?

The online community that is Women Advisors Connect is designed to share advisor success stories, client engagement tips, and talk about trends in the industry that women advisors are concerned with. Insight for building and managing the practices women want is provided into the common questions on growing women’s practices or teams, protecting their businesses, and preparing an exit strategy. Techniques and suggestions are available to enhance women’s client relationships from advisors that will help women to reach prospective clients and stay engaged with existing clients.

How Did The Monsters At Omaha Media Group Help?

Women Advisors Connect, part of Securities America, came to Omaha Media Group (OMG) in need of a new web design along with a secure Content Management System.  Our Monsters at OMG created a simple, new design, transferred their existing content library, and used Expression Engine 2 to ensure security and flexibility in their content management.

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