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When a searcher types into Google “ppc management omaha ne” the results that populate are dependent upon over 200 factors in SEO from Search Engine Optimization to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The results that show when a search types this into Google are dependent on location to how the website pages are optimized. 

However, in the first and bottom part of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) there are paid advertising that also populates. These advertisements are called Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC). Pay Per Click marketing is a service that is utilized through search engines to optimize a paid internet campaign to bring in targeted leads and sales. 

A company needs to utilize PPC ads in their marketing campaigns and companies should make sure that they have Pay Per Click management services in place as well. 

What are PPC ads?

Pay Per Click ads are advertisements that allow marketers and companies alike to promote their products and/or services and only pay for these promotions if a searcher clicks on their ad on search engines.  

For example, when someone googles “digital marketing Omaha,” if Omaha Media Group puts an ad out it would show on the top or bottom of the SERP within Google. However, you simply cannot “set it and forget it” you have to be willing to spend time to manage the ad.

Pay Per Click management in Omaha, Nebraska 

82 percent of searchers are actively using their smartphones to research and purchase products and services, and for local companies, these are leads that are being missed without PPC ads or management. 

PPC ads are a science at the end of the day. This is because PPC ads use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. If a company does not have an SEO expert or understanding of how SEO works itself, there are a couple of scenarios that could occur. 

The first is that the company is paying a considerable amount of money for their advertisement which could mean that their ad is competing with larger corporations who are winning the top three results in Google. 

The second is that a company could be losing money at the end of the day. On average, a profitable PPC ad can generate $2 for every $1 spent on the advertisement. However, without proper PPC management Omaha, a company can be losing more money than gaining it. 

As one can see, both of these scenarios involve a company ultimately losing money at the end of the day. Effective PPC ads and management involves a number of strategies that are optimized and monitored to bring in the most ROI while keeping the cost of the advertisement as minimal as possible. 

Why Is PPC Important?

PPC ads are imperative for a company who is searching for those “instant” results. A PPC ad can target and generate a considerable amount of website traffic and sales. On the other hand, SEO can do the same thing, but organic SEO takes much longer to show its ROI. 

At Omaha Media Group, our PPC Specialists and Digital Marketers explain to clients that if they are searching for instant results to start allocating more money on their PPC ads and management while building their organic SEO footprint with Google. 

The biggest notion to always keep in mind while allocating money on Google Pay Per Click ads or PPC ads on other search engines is that this will NOT give you a higher organic rank. The only way a company’s website can continue to rank in search engines over time is with technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies! 

PPC marketing strategies produce instant sales and ROI that companies are searching for which are brilliant and worth the investment! With the right PPC specialist, a company can bring in their leads and pay as little as possible for their PPC ads while bringing in more targeted leads and website traffic with other digital marketing strategies. Simple enough, right? 

Let Omaha Media Group handle it all for you! Our experts create the Google Pay Per Click ads or PPC ads for alternative search engines along with managing the advertisement for the duration. We can design the best ad with other marketing strategies to bring the most customers to your website. 

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