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Xcel Portal

The Monsters at Omaha Media Group are excited to announce the launch of the Xcel Portal!

What is the Xcel Portal? 

The Xcel Portal is an employee portal created for Xcel corporate, their sales team and brand ambassadors. Xcel is a roofing company with roots in Omaha and has grown to offer services in locations across the country! 

As the company has grown, they have found themselves in need of a more robust, feature-filled employee portal than the one they had when they were a smaller company.

What did the Monsters do? 

Xcel simply wanted to create a portal that could integrate directly into their new website, allowing their staff to utilize a central location for training documents, marketing materials and access to third party services. 

With the various types of documents all being housed in a location, the needs of each employee are quite different. OMG was able to create custom user logins for each employee so they’re only able to see the items that are most important to them. 

Our Monsters worked closely with Xcel to make sure the site was as simple as possible for users, including tying the website into the front page of Xcel’s main site. The portal is capable of incorporating many different third-party services, allowing all members of Xcel’s team to access the information they need. 

With the quickly growing company, that means there’s a lot of fun to be had!  The OMG Monsters created a dynamically editable image within the portal itself using a combination of custom made graphics, portal code and Google drawings. This allowed Xcel to have a company wide sales competition where an individual’s progress could be tracked and updated on the fly within the portal by all employees.

Omaha Media Group is happy to say we are able privileged to be an extension of the Xcel family with our continued work on rebranding and building the company’s core website, ongoing digital marketing and SEO strategies, along with website maintenance and support. 

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