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2019 Website Color Palettes

2019 Website Color Palettes

Here at Omaha Media Group we have some of the best front-end web designers in the Midwest! We’re so lucky to have the talent we do!

We recently checked in with them to talk website color palettes and what we can look forward to in 2019 designs.

Mary, one of our seasoned designers says, “A color palette is essentially what sets the mood for a company. You want your color scheme to appropriately reflect how you want your target audience to feel when looking at your site. Imagine the site is a children's toy company represented by dark, heavy colors - not the most welcoming! Your colors represent the company and its overall objective.”

The color on your website can actually affect your website conversions and sales. In fact, 93 percent of buying decisions are made based on a consumer's visual perception. 85 percent being based on website color.

If that doesn’t inspire you to assess your website color scheme, we don’t know what will.

You might notice our design team working with many blue-based color schemes. One might assume we simply love blue. However, shades of blue actually give off trustworthy vibes. And trust online is everything these days.

What vibes do other colors give off?

Red - Shades of red represents passion and even stimulate an appetite. Ever wonder why an abundance of fast food chains use red in their color scheme? McDonalds, Domino’s, Arby’s, Burger King, Popeyes, Sonic, Pizza Hut, Chick Fil A, KFC - all sporting red in their color palettes. Who’s hungry now?

Orange - Orange shades are oftentimes seen as confident colors while also enticing users to “do something” on your website. Orange creates a call to action of sorts. The color is also used to represent fun and warmth. Think Home Depot, Amazon and Gatorade - all action-based businesses.

Green - Green is reflective of relaxation, environment and health. It’s also an easy color for eyes to process. Businesses like Holiday Inn, Whole Foods and Animal Planet all fall into this category.

Blue - As mentioned above, blue encourages trust, calmness and intelligence. You’ll notice many technology, finance and health companies utilize blue in their color schemes. If you’re looking to have a website that’s immediately thought of as trustworthy, blue is the way to go. LinkedIn, Visa, IBM, PayPal - all blue and portraying trust immediately.

Gray - Gray is viewed as a mature, responsible, dependable color (you can thank your grandpa’s hair for that). If your business is the epitome of professionalism, having gray as a featured color is best suited for you. Lexus, Swarovski and Apple are all mature and dependable brands taking advantage of a grey color scheme.

Color schemes for websites in 2019

Popular website color themes

Popular website color palettes

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