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3 Best Softwares to Support your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still an important part of online marketing campaigns. Despite the steady decline of traditional marketing channels and rise of social media marketing, email marketing continues to grow unfazed by these changes.

The quality of the content will determine the effectiveness of email marketing campaign.  Predictive analytics is also playing an important role in improving the click through rate (CTR) as well as improving the response to the call to action (CTA). Here, certain software can play an important role.

Why do you need email marketing software?

Sending a single email or 50 emails may not be a problem using your Gmail or Yahoo email account. But, if you have to send emails to thousands of your prospects and customers periodically to announce offers, for follow-ups or just to create top of the mind brand positioning, these services are ineffective.

You need such software and apps that will allow you to send out bulk emails simultaneously and also allow you to schedule the delivery in advance. A thank-you email, which is sent every month to your contacts in your CRM, doesn’t need to be typed every time and sent separately. These software applications allow you to schedule your delivery in a way that, the email would go out automatically at the designated hour without human intervention.

A lot of these apps also allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign effort. Adding new contacts to an already huge list is easy. These apps easily integrate into your working environment without forcing you to make any infrastructural upgrades.

You can also use them to integrate HTML or JS templates to send graphics or even large videos. A few of them focus on the aesthetics of an email and turn an ordinary template into a visually engrossing one. Some of the email marketing softwares that you should definitely check up on are: 


MailChimp is an intelligent software using features and integrations that allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.  Their flexibility in design makes it easy to create campaigns that match your brands style, automate to the right people based on behaviors and preferences, and so much more.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an amazing software that allows you to create events, send out promotional events, create a registration page for the upcoming events and schedule reminders, thus helping you to connect with your existing customers and also target new prospects.

This software also allows you to incentivize your customers and potential customers by allowing them to download discount coupons, free entry tickets for an event or other downloadable resources like product white pages or video tutorials. Adding new subscribers to your database is also very easy using this software.

Email Contactor

Email Contactor is a software trusted by small businesses, organizations, families, and large corporations.  Manage your subscriber list easily, create custom and engaging emails, and simplify your email marketing with powerful automation.

Email marketing software are tools that you cannot ignore if you are serious with your email marketing efforts. Reaching out to thousands of contacts in a timely fashion at a low investment is now very easy thanks to these innovative email marketing software.

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