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5 Copywriting Tips That Will Help You to Master Professional Level Content

Why does professional copywriting require a lot of practice and experience?

Copywriting is an extremely difficult art to master. Writing professional level copies is even more difficult. Today, customers look at most advertisements with suspicion and don’t like tall claims. For me-too products in homogeneous markets, highlighting the USP of the products is not easy. However, professional copywriters still find a hook that helps them to compel the reader to not only read the copy but also get encouraged to buy. You can’t perfect the art in a day or two. It is not just about how good your grammar or vocabulary is. It is about expressing something in a simple manner and getting immediate attention.

This article will share some secret strategies that professional copywriters use to write saleable copies.

Tips that will allow you to write compelling sales copies

1. Highlight benefits of the product over its features

This is one of the most common tips that most copywriters share. A sales copy shouldn’t be about a product description or is no place to explain the complicated technologies that have been used. You can use whitepapers and catalogs for that. Many brands make chocolate chip cookies but if your cookie can take your customers down the memory lane and help them reminisce the awesome summer holidays during their childhood when their grandmothers would bake oven hot cookies and serve them with a glass of warm milk? You create an instant differentiation even if it is not apparent immediately! That is what a great copy can do. If you are promoting an HD TV, don’t just say that it provides better clarity but say that the pictures are so real that you feel you are sitting in the stadium with your friends and supporting your favorite team.

2. Try to connect with the audience on a profound, emotional level

If an ecommerce giant says that so and so product or ‘X’ number of products is available on their platform, they would be simply informed without connecting with the audience. But, if they show how these products are making the holidays even more fun, empowering a child to aim for the shooting stars or are bringing two souls closer, it makes an instant statement and stands out. They can appeal to the entire gamut of emotions. When a sports brand like Nike associates passion and an urge to win with its products, it connects with the target audience.

3. Be specific and pithy

There may be a tendency with some writers to use flowery language and fluff to highlight the attributes. They focus too much on the language and their writing skills and bury the actual product benefits under the heap of useless pomposity and boastfulness. You should never lose objectivity. Your aim is to keep the needs and aspirations of the readers in mind and not show off your writing skills. Be specific. Use, short, precise sentences.

4. Write an attention grabbing headline

Your headline must be succinct and yet explain the essence of the body. Use the right keywords and make a promise that your product or service can back. You may have to create a number of draft headlines and test them in a number of ways. Use the social media to get back responses and see which excites the audience most. You can adopt that finally for your copy.

5. Use customer testimonials

One of the best ways to write believable and attention-grabbing copy is by inducting customer testimonials somewhere in your copy. You don’t sound boastful or biased and yet your customer can act as an advocate for your product. How the product solved a real-life problem can make for an intriguing read.

Copywriters spend years practicing and polishing their art. Turning a professional quickly is not easy but by implementing the right strategies, you can become a true master!

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