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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is a huge part of a business's overall marketing strategy.  In order to create a successful email campaign or sales email, you must first give off the best “first impression” possible via your email subject line.  People these days receive an average of 215 emails a day in addition to text messages, instant messages, Snapchats, etc.  It’s important for your audience to easily and quickly notice the relevance of your email, to cash in a potential sale, as opposed to it going directly to the ever-dreaded Trash folder.

7 Steps to Avoid in Email Subject Lines

Lengthy subject lines.

Subject lines consisting of only three to four words have been proven to receive the highest response rate, while emails without any subject line at all receive very little response.

In a world where a great portion of emails are being read on a mobile device, a short subject line is easier to read.  Since it’s unsure to say if your emails will be read on a mobile device or a desktop computer, keeping it short keeps you on the safe side.

Misleading subject lines.

Being straightforward with your audience is always best.  Misleading your contacts with dishonest tactics to gain “just one more viewer” or sale will always leave a bad taste their mouth.  Treat those prospects as you’d like to be treated and keep your subject line relevant.

Forgetting to mention a referral.

A good, trusted sales referral is always a positive influence.  If you have a referral from a mutual connection, use that familiarity at the beginning of your subject.  By highlighting someone they know, they’re more than likely to take the time to read your message.

Being over-salesey.

Don’t waste your subject line on your company name and product.  Your audience is probably not concerned with it as it’s already coming from your email.

Your subject doesn’t reference the content.

In sales, there is no reason to be shy about what you’re offering.  Be as upfront as possible.  Summarizing your point and make it the subject line.

Your subject line is too generic.

Chances are if you’ve found your audience, others have as well.  Having a bland subject fleeting from the contents of the main subject will not give you benefiting results.  Being creative and relevant can push you ahead of the shuffle.

Broken personalization tokens.

It’s important to have your personalization tokens updated and correct.  When your personalization tokens are not, your audience will not feel an importance to your brand.

In general, personalizing your subject line will get you a lot further than having a subject like that isn’t.

Are you exploring the idea of gathering sales via email?  Contact us today to see how we can make an email marketing strategy for your brand.  

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