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7 SEO Tools that are Free and Easy

These 7 Search Engine Optimization tools are easy to use, and they are totally free. 

1. Keyword Planner

Digital marketing is based on keywords. It is necessary to get the best keywords for your business. Keyword planner offered by Google Adwords can help you with that. It requires an account to be set up. Using the keyword planner, you could not only search for a list of keywords but also get statistics on their projected performance.

2. Meta Tag Analyser

SEO SiteCheckup is one of the many who offers Meta Tag Analyzer for free. Just put in the URL to do a quick search on how the meta tags and keyword tags are faring in your web page. 

3. Google Search Console

The free SEO tool enables webmasters to track any malware that might have infected the website. After the initial process of signing up and verification, data on website traffic can be seen. Links to the website, along with the performance or ranking of keywords are other data that are available. Troubleshooting and support from experts are other features of Google Search Console. Here it is possible to get help if your website has been hacked or infected with malware, among other things. 

4. Google analytics

Another free SEO tool on offer is the Google Analytics. The tool lets you track the traction on the website. Besides, it provides deeper insights on the keyword searches that land people on to the website. Not surprisingly, this is the most often used and popular SEO tool. Data is available on the actions taken by visitors of the website, whether it is downloading a file or sales.

5. BoostSuite

Targeted advertising is the unique selling feature of BoostSuite. The tool lets you narrow down on the most likely customers by matching you up with like-minded business partners. With a combined pool of audience, advertisements can follow the customer when he or she visits the partners’ websites. The tool also provides estimates on revenue from the available data pool of leads and customers.

6. Rapid SEO Tool

The tool is what it claims to be – rapid. Rapid SEO Tool is not only about scaling up the visibility quotient of websites but also offers the feature of comparing how your website is faring with respect to other competitors. The tool can also coach a novice on how to use SEO tools to get better views. An analysis of keyword density and quality checks are some of the other features of this tool. Although available for free trials, it may require a subscription at a later stage.

7. GT Metrix

A user-friendly SEO tool, GT Metrix allows you to track the speed at which the page loads. Speed being everything in SEO and online marketing, the tool offers suggestions on improving the website.  The tool provides data on the time taken to load, the size of the page and the number of requests. An interesting additional feature includes testing the load speed from 12 servers across the world.  Monitoring the various parameters on a daily basis is also possible with GT Metrix.

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