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Common Myths About Social Media Marketing


Social media has not only provided us a massive platform with infinite opportunities for marketing our brands, but also revolutionized the very essence of how we do business. Consumers are now moving to the digital space and it is through cutting-edge innovations in social media marketing that you can promote the awareness for your brand and even take it ahead of the existing players in the market. Needless to say, for something as phenomenally popular as social media marketing, there is no shortage of people who don't fully understand the concept and end up spreading misconceptions about it. That being said, here is a list of a few common myths about social media marketing and the actual truth about them.

Myth 1: You must be on every platform

While it is okay to leave no stone unturned and set up your business profile on every social media network out there, you must not expect each of them to perform exactly the same way as the other. It is important to understand that not all platforms are worth investing your valuable time in. That being said, you must employ the use of data to determine as to which of the social networks is doing the best for you and focus your collective efforts solely on them.

Myth 2: The audience will come automatically 

One of the most common misconception people have regarding social media marketing is that great content will guarantee traffic and conversions. While it might be partially true, good quality content is just half the battle. Any post that you share on the Internet essentially starts out as a vacuum space.  Unless you invest your efforts in promoting the content and actually making it visible to your audience, you cannot expect it to work wonders for your brand overnight.

Myth 3: Social media is free

Another popular myth about social media marketing is that it does not cost you anything. While it might not cost you anything to set up your accounts on the various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, there is a humongous amount of hidden cost that you just cannot afford to overlook. The aforementioned costs include the endless hours that you would spend in developing your social strategy, creating good quality content, sharing updates, responding to customer queries, monitoring the performance of your account and revising your strategies to eliminate any pitfalls. The time and effort required for your social media marketing strategy to succeed are a massive investment that you need to factor in.

Myth 4: Social media is only for youngsters

Many business owners still associate the social media with the younger generation and deem it futile to invest their marketing efforts in this direction. Intriguingly, studies indicate that nearly 40% of the users of Facebook are above the age of 35! That being said, it is incorrect to think that your target audience might not be using the social media or that your marketing efforts on the Internet are going to end up completely worthless.

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