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Communication with your digital marketing agency

Communication with your digital marketing agency

Ah, communication. One of the most important aspects in the business world but also one of the biggest issues in the business world. A paradox itself. Think about it: How many times has someone been upset or misinterpreted something due to a lack of communication. The answer is, quite often.  

In the business world, communication is all about the bottom line. Studies after studies have shown that companies with good communication skills are three and a half times  more likely to outperform their competitors. It makes sense. 

What happens when communication is key? There is less miscommunication, misinterpretation, frustrations and a happier client at the end of the day. 

Now, communication does work both ways. An email and phone only work when two people or groups are conversing back and forth with one another. 

It is imperative to communicate the following issues with your Omaha marketing agency and not let it fester. 

Building relationships 

In the business world, building and fostering relationships is what business is all about. When communication to timely and throughout, clients on average feel as if their needs are being met on a regular basis.  It may take time to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship when hiring an outsourced Omaha marketing agency to handle all your SEO and digital marketing strategies. 

As the relationship is fostered over time, it is imperative to understand that these notions on both sides can hinder this professional relationship. It is as equally important for a client to be responsible for fostering the relation as it is for the digital marketing professionals hired to represent their businesses. 


Attitude. A good or bad attitude can be the catalyst for a good or bad meeting. Everyone in the business world has been there, you walk into a meeting and immediately feel the bad vibes, a.k.a attitudes. This results in a notion that it is not going to be a happy meeting. Will every single meeting be positive and uplifting? We hope so, but the real answer is no. It is important for both parties to express this change in attitude or demeanor immediately and how there can be a solution for both sides. This can lead to misunderstandings down the road.


An “aggressive” email here and there, an off-putting response, a lack of response or a lack of clear emotions are all examples of miscommunication and understandings in business. While each business interaction has a need for a clear outcome whether it is a better understanding of a question or service, a misunderstanding can hinder that process. 

Being able to email and slack anyone is arguably the best thing ever, but also the worst thing to ever hit the business world. This is because we cannot see another person’s body language when this email is being sent or received. The way an email is interpreted can lead to misunderstandings on both parties which lead to a lack of responses and an uproar in emotions. 

Unhappy about services 

As an Omaha marketing agency, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your business. If a client is unhappy about services, but never expresses this feeling, it can never be addressed until it is too late. 

This can be reduced with consistent feedback on the client’s behalf. Please let us know if the following is not on-par:

  • Branding
  • Voice 
  • Target audience
  • Goals
  • Overall strategy 
  • Needed changes 

If these notions have not been expressed, there is no way for an Omaha marketing agency to fix these problems and others. 

It is imperative to communicate all good and bad notions to the company handling your website, SEO and digital marketing efforts. If this is not communicated properly on both ends, it can lead to a never ending back and forth cycle of misunderstandings and miscommunication. 

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