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Developing a Social Media Strategy

Social media is not only a must for your marketing strategy, but it also needs to be a part of your SEO strategy.  While social media posts don’t get the highest rankings within search engines, page profiles (Facebook, Twitter) do.

Which social media platform is best for your business?

First, you must determine if you actually want to be found on a specific social media platform, and if it will be beneficial for your business.  Facebook and Twitter offer multiple ways to advertise and make your brand known upon a large audience of followers.  There are other platforms that are more limited in this realm and require a lot sweat to get similar results.  It’s important to know how you want your business to be branded.

What social media platform does your target audience use?

Different people use different forms of social media.  Through some research and effort, determining that will only help you brand your business.  If your company primarily works in the business-to-business area, LinkedIn will be very beneficial for your brand.  If your audience is younger, using platforms like Vine, SnapChat, Tumblr, Periscope, and Instagram will get the most attention.  New social media platforms are popping up all the time, like Quora.  It’s hard to say if they’ll stick around, but they’re worth looking into.

The “must” in social platforms

Facebook.  Love it or hate it, Facebook is in the ballpark of 1.5 billion active users every month.  It’s an obvious statistic as to why you should hop on this platform; 20% of the population is a lot in one spot!  Blog sites and/or websites definitely need to have their own Facebook page and all of your blog and website posts need to be shared on Facebook, strategically, of course.  Fortunately, most CMS’s can automatically publish your article for you.

Having a social media strategy is so important in this day and age.  It’s time consuming and requires some blood, sweat, and tears, but the results can really be beneficial. Determining who you want to reach, which platform is best for your business, and where can you find your target audience can only take your brand in the right direction.

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