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Does my website need a blog?

Does my website need a blog?

It’s extremely common for our SEO agency to field the question, “Does my website need a blog?” If we can give a one-word simple answer, it will always be YES.

A blog is one of the most versatile places for your website to host an array of content forms. From longform content, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases and more - a blog is an excellent way to have current content.

What exactly is a blog?

In the late 90s, blogs were a popular form of personal online journaling. Today, however, blogs are a great digital marketing asset for businesses of all sizes.

Blogs are a type of website (or page on a website) that displays content in a reverse chronological format. Most typically in a conversational tone, blogs are used to inform an audience and keep a consistent log of current content.

Why would your business utilize a blog?
A blog is one of the best places to share company updates and humanize your brand. Where your overall website needs to maintain a consistent voice, a blog brings the conversational side. It’s important to remember that humans relate to humans. Your blog can piece it all together.

Additionally, a blog is beneficial to others in your industry. Displaying the level of expertise your business has gives your business an extra leg in the game of other industry leaders.

Why are blogs important?

For an SEO agency like ours, blogs present a platform that shakes hands with Google. While there are many, many factors that play into search engine rankings, a blog is great for content marketing and keyword strategies.

In addition to having a website that is mobile-friendly and secure, Google wants fresh content. As opposed to updating your other web pages on a frequent basis, a blog makes this simple and relevant to your web visitors.

Moreover, fresh content creates value for the customers you have. A company blog with useful and engaging content portrays your business as trustworthy, knowledgeable and quite frankly, still open for business. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website and seeing old content and questioning if they’re still in operation. A current blog eliminates that doubt!

Still doubting the importance of a blog?

So, if you’re unsure if a blog is right for your business, as an SEO agency, we can assure you it is. Giving your audience useful, fresh information is not only going to build your reputation and humanize your brand, it’s going to help your website traffic and search engine rankings.

There are many factors that go into the results you receive in search engines, but with a good content strategy and the right Omaha SEO expert, your business can see solid success!

Do you need a blog?

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