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Don’t Be a Social Media Hoarder

Social Media Cleanup

Clean Up Your Social Media

We may or may not have been binge-watching Hoarders lately in the Omaha Media Group office. It’s equal parts stressful and satisfying. The disasters they walk into make our skin crawl (and our boss die inside), but their transformations are so victorious, that we can’t help but watch.

This got us thinking… Are you a social media hoarder? Are your social platforms so filled up with junk that readers can’t see the point?

It’s time to start cleaning up! If your business has been utilizing any form of social media for an extended amount of time, you likely have some pretty outdated stuff that needs to be cleared out.

Check out these basic tips to transform you from being a social media hoarder to a healthy version of a compulsive declutterer:

Tips to Declutter your Social Profiles

1. Do a clear out.

Any old logos, pixelated photos, or broken links should be deleted. Make sure you update any images to the current social media size (check out our guide here). Review your bios, profile descriptions, and contact information to confirm that they’re up to date. Freshen them up with business updates, new services offered, or even a little backstory of your business. Remember, people love a good story.

2. Polish off your goals.

Often times, when it comes to social media, one can forget that they need to have goals for what they’re doing. There is so much strategy that comes to social media, that reevaluating the goals you have is essential from year to year (or even quarter to quarter). If you’ve surpassed your previous goals, have you set new ones? Have you gained the followers you hoped for? Have you gotten new, quality leads from your social media posts? Have you made alliances with other businesses?

3. Put unsuccessful platforms on the curb.

Sometimes you simply don’t need all the social media platforms out there. If there’s a platform that’s working better than others for you, consider putting your time and efforts into that one, and ditching the others. Not every channel is going to have your target audience, so why waste time ‘speaking to an empty room?’ It’s kind of like holding onto that toothpick bridge you made in 8th grade. It was a lot of work, but after a while, there’s just no need to hang onto it anymore. It’s okay to throw it away!

4. Hire a professional.

There’s no shame in hiring a professional. If social media isn’t your expertise or your business, then hire someone that lives and breathes it! For example, us. Your business should be busy selling products and offering services to your loyal and potential clients. Social Media Marketing isn’t for everyone and there’s no bad reason to hire it out. Don’t have time for it? No problem! Don’t like it? That’s ok! Don’t know how to do it? Perfectly fine!

Find a digital marketer that understands you, knows social strategy and will become an extension of your business.

Are you ready to get your social media platforms cleaned up?

Don’t be a social media hoarder.

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