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ExpressionEngine Now Free

ExpressionEngine Downloads are now free.

ExpressionEngine Goes Open Source And Is Now FREE!!

10 years ago there were only a handful of great CMS platforms. These days, there are 500+. We curently live in a saturated swamp of CMS platforms. Today, there are probably five (5) that we as a business will support.

Out of those five (5), only one reigns surpreme and that CMS of choice is ExpressionEngine from our friends at EllisLabs.

This morning at #EECONF2018 Rick Ellis of Ellis Labs annouced that starting November 1st, 2018, ExpressionEngine will be Open Source.

Ellis Labs Announces ExpressionEngine is going Open Source
EllisLabs ExpressionEngine Open Source Annoucement

A statement from Ellis Labs:

“In November we will be rolling out many services that we will offer directly to agencies to help them succeed with their clients. We also have some exclusive partnership opportunities for firms who want to get in on the ground level and enjoy the explosive growth of our new ecosystem. Log in and take a look at our partner application page for details.”  Read the full announcement.

What does this mean?

It means ExpressionEngine is now FREE!! Download a copy for yourself here. On November 1st, it will be Open Source.

What does this mean for OMG?

It means your CMS will now be free!! Yay! And….. we're here to help you build your awesome applications on it!!

Wordpress vs ExpressionEngine

Why would I use ExpreseionEngine vs Wordpress? We have a pretty straight-forward side-by-side guide here which we recommend you read.

We'll keep this blog updated as more news is released.

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