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Facebooking vs. Blogging for Business

Which is better…Facebooking for business or blogging for business?  Many often think that Facebooking is cheaper and easier to maintain than keeping up with constant blog posts.  The reality is that Facebook should be a tool that is used to compliment your blog, as opposed to replacing each other.

Facebook vs Blogging

A blog with well-written content is the foundation of your online presence.  An extension of your website, if you will.  Your blog is the place where you strategically publish thought out content with topics that interest your vast audience all over the internet.  Your blog is a successful place to answer questions and to distribute relevant information.

Now how is this different than creating constant Facebook content?  Your content is being distributed out between 1.35 billion other monthly users.  There simply isn’t enough “room” for your everyone to see everything you post.  The more pages people “like”, the organic reach of each page decreases…and the more people that become active members on Facebook, the less likely your audience is to see your post.  Facebook decides who sees your updates…but anyone and everyone can see your blog content.

Another benefit of blogging over only posting on Facebook?  SEO.  When blogging is done right, your SEO improves its search ranking through in-bound links and key-word optimization.  Facebook doesn’t contribute to your search ranking.  Your blog is reached to multiple audiences including RSS feeds, email, site visitors, and ALL social networks…as opposed to Facebook that only reaches the people (hopefully) that “like” your page.

The greatest reason to blog for your business instead of solely posting on Facebook?  YOU have control of what happens to your content.  Facebook is notorious for constantly changing the security, privacy, and policies of its users.  With a business blog, you have as much freedom as you’re allowed in your position!  So use that Facebook page to compliment your thought out blog…let Facebook be a vessel to carry your thought out blog post, but never ignore your blog entirely to only post on social media.

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