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Facebook’s New Page Insights Release

Whether or not you're new to Facebook Pages or a seasoned vet like us you've probably noticed that your Page has received a little facelift this week. Facebook has yet again released a new version of Facebook Pages Insights. What's new you ask? We're glad you asked! Let's dive into the details.

Facebook, probably know to Google as a “massive pain in the rear-end” and Google's closest analytical data-gathering competitor, has been working feverishly the past year to build the most robust and informative place to gather its member, a platform cleverly named Facebook Pages.

History on Facebook Pages

What is Facebook Pages you ask? Great question! Facebook Pages is just that, a special “page” that users just like you can create for whatever purpose you deem fit. Business, Places, Communities, Organizations, Institutions, Brands, Products, Artist, Banks, Public Figures, Entertainment, Causes no matter what you are Facebook Pages welcomes you with open arms and wants you to tell the world about yourself via your Page. 

So you're thinking to yourself… Self, okay, Pages sound pretty cool, I'm in, but what are the benefits to having a page? Well self, it's pretty simple.. Facebook, being the very friendly and giving people they are has provided everyone some really cool Page features allowing us to customize and offer our Page followers page information. The information on the page of course is provided by you, the page owner. 

Facebook has made creating a page simple with a few clicks of the mouse and a few short information forms to fill out. 1, 2, 3 and you're done. Oh, did we mention Facebook also have an endless amount of applications and social plugs too? That's right.. Think of it this way, Facebook is the sky and the sky is the limit, but when you've reach that limit just past the sky is this thing called SPACE, Space is what Facebook calls the Facebook Developers Network which has an endless supply of applications & plugins with new apps and plugins constantly being added by it's radical developers like us.

WOW!!! That's INSANE!! You bet your little hiney it is.  What is even crazier is Facebook does this all for free. They even give you a special little utility called “INSIGHTS” which shows you some pretty amazing information about your page, it's users, it's interaction with it's users, potential areas of growth, and a whole lot more. I will say it again.. ALL FOR FREE!! Free you ask? Yes, free! Free in the sense that you aren't actualy paying for anything to use all of the features described above.

Let's put “FREE” into perspective. In the long run by giving you all of the features above Facebook now knows more about your business than you probably do and they have an endless line of consumer marketing companies who will pay TOP DOLLAR to know that information. Bummer dude, nothing is free these days. Don't believe me? Just read the Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Agreements.

I could go on and on and on about the pros and cons of Pages but I will save that for another blog another day. Let's get back on track to why we came here in the first place.

So… now that we've established a little relevance about Facebook Pages let's dive into this week's Pages update and cover some of the cool changes to Pages Insights.

Metrics Enhancements

Important Metrics
Monitor these four metrics to assess the size of your audience and how they're engaging with your content. This gives your a quick snapshot of what is going on with your page.

Insights Update

Total Likes and Friends of Fans
Total Likes is the number of people who have liked your Page. Friends of Fans is the number of people you can potentially reach if everyone you are connected to talks about your Page to their friends. That is a pretty nice metric to have for those of you trying to calculate your potential reach.

Insights Update

People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach
People Talking About This is the number of unique people who have created content about your Page on Facebook in the past week. The more people that talk about your Page, the more distribution it will get. The number of people who have seen your message is displayed in Weekly Total Reach.

Insights Update

Overview Enhancements

Page Overview
This graph shows how individual posts that you publish on your Page influence the number of people talking about you, and how this impacts your overall reach. Expand your reach by regularly posting engaging content. Social campaigns are the best method of increasing your 'likes' and growing your page.

Insights Update

Your Posts Enhancements

Understanding Your Posts
Each of your posts can be seen here, along with details about how well the post has performed. Optimizing the performance of your posts will increase your Page's total reach and expand awareness of your Page. You can view each of your posts in more detail by clicking on the blue text.

Insights Update

We didn't make the term up, we swear! Virality measures how likely a person is to share something about your posts with their friends. This is a great indicator of the kind of posts your audience responds to and helps you understand how clever you are, or aren't.

Insights Update

Detailed Metrics Enhancements

More Detailed Metrics
The Likes, Reach and Talking About This tabs give you a deeper understanding of your high-level metrics. They are all structured in the same way. Let's look at Talking About This.

Insights Update

Your Audience
From here you'll be able to learn more about the people talking about you, which includes everyone who has created a story about your Page. You can also see demographics about the people who like your Page and the people you reach. Tailor your content to your audience to improve your results, like the good marketing guru you are.

Insights Update

How People Talk About You
From here you can view how people are talking about your Page by story type. For example, you can see all the stories people have created by interacting with your Page posts. Understanding how your audience talks about your Page will help you identify the kind of content that will get the most engagement.

Insights Update

Exporting Data and Help Enhancements

Export Data and Find Help

You're ready to start using the new Insights for Pages. Export your data, or access resources under the action button from anywhere within Insights. This allows you to export your data to integrate it into another ERP, CRM, or other business development console to better understand and track your campaigns and marketing strategies.

Insights Update

Like we said before, pretty amazing stuff isn't it?  Thanks Facebook!! Or should we be leary about just how awesome you are?


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