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FAQs during the proposal stage

 FAQs during the proposal stage

The paperwork has been signed and the project is ready to start! Are you as excited as we are?! At OMG, we have worked with a couple of clients on a couple of projects, so we kind of anticipate the common FAQs. 

These are the three most common FAQs answered! 

What do you need from me? 

The first step is to fill out the design survey as thoroughly as possible. The more information that a client can provide to our web designers Omaha NE, the better the initial concepts will be.

A survey with little to no context can be great! This can allow for creativity freedom for the designer and challenging the client to step out of their comfort zone; on the other hand, this can result in two design concepts that the client hates. Yes, we do tell clients it is okay to not like the initial designs, but let us know before the process starts! Once the design survey is filled out, send it back ASAP! 

Our Project Coordination and Graphic Design teams will review the information that was sent over. If there are questions or missing information, we will contact you! 

Our web designers Omaha NE need to understand your business’s branding guidelines. A branding guideline should be provided with any logos and images for the designer to work with. A business’s brand is what identifies them. 

Once our website designers create two beautiful website concepts, please review them. A website can take longer than anticipated due to a lack of response and feedback. Be honest and let us know what you love and hate. 

A website concept can take a couple of days for our team to create, but the approval process depends on the feedback and responsiveness of you! 

Once the design has been approved, now it is time for our website development team to take over! 

How long will it take? 

This depends on a number of notions in play. A larger website could take longer to code and port versus a smaller website, along with this, the amount of website content needed could hold up a website. 

On average, we tell clients to expect a website to take about 20 business days for coding and the port process. This can fluctuate dependent on the size of the website and if content is ready. A small website that is about five pages can take less than five or six days, but a website that is about 15 to 20 pages could take more than 20 days. 

As soon as your new website goes into the development phase, clients should be working on website content. At Omaha Media Group,  we notice that content is what holds a website up. Content is what makes everyone nervous. 

Content is difficult for most clients because for each page of the website there needs to be a minimum of 350 words. Ideally, we’d like 500-1,000 but sometimes that is a tough request for our clients to deliver upon This can be a couple small paragraphs with bulleted lists and images in-between. This can also be a couple small paragraphs and that is it. 

We understand content can be the hardest part. This is why our team has a training document and meetings allowing clients to be as independent as they want. This training document shows clients how to upload all content, videos and photos to their website. 

How soon can we launch? 

Eager is the best word to describe this feeling for both the client and our experts! Another day, another website launched! When can your website launch? 

Once the concept is approved, it has been coded and ported to the CMS, content is approved and added and our final QA checklist is complete. In this phase, communication is key. This is why our team creates a milestone spreadsheet for each client. From the project’s beginning to end, there are frequent updates on the progress of your project. If there is a reason the project has been held up, this milestone sheet will let our clients know. 

A quick website can take 20 business days or six months, it all depends on the project and communication! 

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