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Five Popular Email Marketing Trends That Will Emerge in The Near Future

Email marketing is one of the most successful online marketing channels ever. That reality is not going to change any time soon as marketers are trying to harness it in more creative ways.

Targeting emails better is a huge challenge and marketers are working diligently at it. It is believed that better targeting will reduce wastage and improve conversion and drive sales.

That's why we think email marketing is poised to undergo some technological and content based changes that will make it a more potent weapon. Let’s look at some of these emerging trends.

Automation in Email Broadcasting

Batch and blast emails are not going anywhere. Although, some think that this method is intrusive, no marketer can afford to ignore its value altogether. On the opposite end, more and more data collection and understanding of the behavior of the prospects would mean that the emails won’t be sent randomly anymore, in the hope that the receiver might just click through.

But to take the advantage of scalability, automation should drive email broadcasting. New technology will also allow a small amount of personalization in the email broadcasts. The email broadcasting technology will become more intuitive. However, application of automation in trigger emails may be limited.

Behavioral Study Leading to Personalization

More and more marketers are spending time trying to understand the psychology of their customers and prospects; they are trying to understand why their customers take a certain action or prefer a certain product above others.

More analytics and predictive tools will help them understand the customer psychology from their clicks on websites, emails, social media activities, and their interaction with live agents of the contact centers as well as a brick and mortar stores.

With this 360º view of the prospect, it would be easier to personalize the content of the emails. That way, the click through rates would improve and lead to more conversion. A multi-channel marketing strategy, of which email marketing is one channel, will redefine the entire digital marketing concept.

Responsive Emails

Emails will have to be designed for specifically keeping in mind the screen resolutions of internet of things (IoT) devices and wearables like smart watches. So the definition of the word “responsive” will broaden.

Mobiles will continue to be the most popular and marketers will have to improve technology to support the experience of opening emails by mobile users. The exact environment of an interaction will play a big decision in design of the emails. So, the same email may not be applicable for a desktop, mobile, tab or a wearable. The contexts will keep shifting.

Spam Will Fall Further

It is expected that better anti-spam laws will force email clients like Google to further strengthen their filtering techniques. The new generation is fiercely protective about their digital privacy and email blasts will be met with more opposition; filtering out junk emails will be emboldened. Marketers will have to target their efforts better to beat anti-spam vigil.

Video and Animation

The quality of content of the emails will improve and in doing so, more and more short videos and animations like GIFs will be embedded in emails. This will improve interactivity and give the user a mini-website like experience.

Because of its adaptability to the changing times, email marketing is a marketing strategy that remains popular. If you want to make the most of email marketing, try to align your strategies with the aforementioned trends and you will stand to benefit.

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