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Four Qualities to a Good Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what makes a good copywriter?  Often times it's thought that a good copywriter comes from a degree in literature, when in fact, it's a career thrived on sales and marketing.  So what does make a good copywriter?

1. Curiosity

One of the best qualities that a copywriter can have is curiosity.  Naturally, with a wealth of curiosity comes a wealth of knowledge.  Being curious is beneficial with professional internet copywriting because chances are you’ll be assigned to writing content based on a wide variety of topics.  For example, here at Omaha Media Group, our copywriters can be creating content about granite countertops one minute and local real estate trends the next.  Fortunately, all of us here are generally curious at heart, and enjoy learning and spreading the information.

2. Perceptiveness

Essentially, copywriting is creating content for an invisible audience.  While you may have some insights as to who your audience is, you won’t have the luxury of being able to see their actual body language and facial expressions as they interpret your piece.  A good copywriter is always cognizant of the motivations and emotions your audience will portray.  Having the versatility of voice for each assignment and company makes you a valuable asset to content creation.

3. Discernment

Discernment as a copywriter means creating taglines, headlines, bullets, etc. out of a mass of detailed information.  As a copywriter, you must decide how you can spread this mass of information quickly and condensed before your audience loses interest.  Copywriting often times has more to do with sales and marketing than it does with being a good writer.  With a combination of good common sense and marketing savviness, you can become an excellent copywriter.  A good copywriter can show you what they’ve achieved for their clients.

4. Humility

One of the caveats to copywriting is becoming comfortable with remaining anonymous.  As a copywriter, you’re responsible for creating content for other companies that will take the sole credit for your work.  For some, that’s a hard pill to swallow.  The ability to remain humble while creating work for another company or person without recognition will make you a great copywriter.  If you’re a person that enjoys staying behind-the-scenes, copywriting will be a great career for you.

Finding the right copywriter is an essential move for your content marketing strategy.  It's important for your business to find an experienced copywriter that is curious enough to learn about your industry and what your topics of conversation will be.  It's also important to hire a copywriter with the skills to not only interpret the known knowledge of the audience you will be creating for but to also adapt to it.  If your business is looking to find a voice for your content, contact us today!  

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