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Google Prepping Optimizations in Chrome 53

Chrome has always had a reputation for having speed problems.  While being claimed as one of the fastest browsers released, it has turned into RAM-hog.  The internet has been crying for Chrome improvements for a while now, and it appears as though Google is now responding.

Chrome 53 is set to be released in September after going through an overhaul of optimization work… 47%’s work of improvements that is.  The majority of these improvements are due to GPU rasterization, CSS and WebGL optimizations on the OS X platform, resulting in improvements that are leaps and bounds better than Chrome 51. It hasn’t been confirmed if these improvements will come to Linux and Windows builds, but it’d be surprising if those platforms didn’t see improvements.

Android devices with HTML suite are seeing almost a 600% improvement, and SVG suite a whopping 1087% better than Chrome 51.  Many of Chrome’s GPU improvements will arrive in the July release of Chrome 52, but the majority of improvements will be out in Chrome 53.

For more information on the optimizations, check out this Google Doc with all the info.

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